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Wilcox Residence

All of these pieces were a complete joy to make. Working with these clients was always a pleasure as they were so excited, trusting, and involved in the process.



We started with a custom weaving above the fireplace.  As we always do, Carlyn went to the house with paper and cut out a template to decide on the size and also brought out glass colors.  When in the house, Carlyn was influenced by the paintings, the trees outside, the colors in the pool and the arches in the architecture.  This is how she created the suggested color palette.



The ‘mast’ or vertical portion of the piece has some stainless steel and copper in it which picks up other details in the art around the house.  Because the weaving is on limestone, we were careful to make sure the connection points to the wall were through the mortar.



We all were extremely happy with the weaving and they were excited to work on the next project, the stairway.  They loved the new design of the ribbons.  Carlyn brought the natural colors from the upstairs and connected them with the reds and oranges of the downstairs. 



The ribbons really bring one down almost in a journey as they descend into the bottom floor of the house, which has a completely different energy.  It is a great transition piece.


The ribbons on the ceiling and also on the corners are a particularly nice touch.



To tie the pieces into their two Murano family pieces, Carlyn and team made a transition piece to connect the ribbons to the top two Murano sculptures.


We are excited because now that we have finished the stairs, we are currently designing glassicles for their master.  Stay tuned for 2 sets of glassicles!