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Wang Residence

This helical weave was a commission for a doctor, who was drawn to the familiar spiraling shape from his profession.

This was a very exciting commission with unique challenges. I made this piece for the residence of Dr. Wang. We talked about inspiration, colors, and shapes early in the creation process.


In his profession, he was drawn to the helix-like shapes that my weavings can look like.


We decided on a color palette, that graduates from purples to blues, into teals and finally reaching the yellows and golds that blend in with the light.


This niche was tricky because it was a long narrow space with a rounded back, but once achieved, I love this small frame in the lit confined space. The light captures the glass and casts beautiful colored shadows along the white walls.


I really enjoyed playing with the curves, repetition, and escalation of the steps next to the weaving. By attaching the weaving to the back of the niche, it is suspended in space and appears free-floating.