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SO7: Bamboo

The SO7 Parkside Urban Apartments in Fort Worth needed an artistic focal point to accentuate their impressive resort pool. CRD stepped in to breathe life into their bamboo garden with this energetic sculptural design that defines the space as unique and makes it a special environment for the residents.

The “SO7 Bamboo” project was a very exciting and challenging piece to create.  Each bamboo stalk ranges from 6’ to 10’ in height and are made in various diameters.  Each stalk is also interiorly lit with LED lights.


The idea behind the piece was to design a sculpture which created an energy to the space, kept with the ‘Fort Worth rustic feel’ and made that space unique and special for the residents of SO7.  Safety, outdoor elements, and children were all factors in the design, fabrication, and installation of the piece.


The layout of the piece came from understanding the grounds and available space for this sculpture and also working with the landscape architects of the project.  In seeing the big picture, the bamboo seemed like the natural choice!


Each piece of glass was hand blown, colored with a specific gradient based on its location, then cut and polished at either end.  Each piece of glass is thicker than most storefront windows and durable to the outdoor elements.

With the bamboo color, it was important to know the accent colors of the pool, chairs, and surrounding areas so that the green would stand out on its own, but also blend with the other colors in the area.


They are stacked together between a special and custom fabricated silver metal piece which both holds the glass away from the inner stalk, places a band similar to actual bamboo between the pieces, and also hold the interior light.  This piece of metal keeps the glass from not banging against the inner metal armature. If and when a child comes up to the sculpture and shakes it, the piece will stay intact, not break, and be safe.  This design came with several test models before it!


It took some R&D (research and development) to see how to light the different stalks of bamboo and keep it organic looking.

The LED lights are rated for the weather, water, and elements and are individually placed inside the bamboo as we built up the structures.  They are a ‘green’ way to light up the area!


The bamboo is positioned away from the walkway and thus protected some by the actual bamboo plants which will grow to be 4’-5’ tall.  The glass bamboo is also positioned so that if a big windstorm came through, they can’t sway easily and hit one another.


From the layout, we created the custom metal holders for each of the bamboo stalks and installed it into the cement walls around the pool.

For the exact locations of the metal structures, we gathered up some nice volunteers to hold up some 2x4s to visually see exactly where the stalks could be placed to have a good view from multiple angles.



The CRD team installed all of the pieces on site.


Then we positioned the actual bamboo plants around the glass to have them grow together.


This installation is site-specific, custom and unique.  With the sounds of falling water, the beautiful surrounding landscape, and the chic rustic décor make SO7 in Fort Worth is a blissful retreat!