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Sherman Residence

“Passion Fire” was the largest weaving I had made up to that date and with colors I had never put together before. It was a very exciting piece and I just love it!


I worked with designer Richard Gordon on this piece and in knowing it was going over the black onyx sideboard, I thought it would be very unique and sexy to use black.  As to the color choices, these amazing clients, the Sherman Family, had colors that they wanted to stay away from.  In eliminating those colors, I came up with this color palette and am very happy with its zest!

Sherman-02Because this piece was so large and also they were colors I hadn’t worked with before, I made a small mock-up before I made the final piece.  This allowed me to see the movement of the piece, what part of the shape I wanted to elongate, how the colors felt in the space, and also communicated the final product perfectly to my clients!


From the sample, the designer Richard Gordon helped me by drawing out the specific measurements we came up with from looking at the small model.


From the drawing, I was able to sketch the curve on a full-scale sheet of paper and I bent the metal to that specific shape.  I placed the metal pieces in their positions so John Christian could tack weld it together to transport and finish it at his studio.  This is the beginning of the process.

Sherman-05Black is an unusual color in that most blacks, when looked through, appear a dark purple color.  I used this purplish black and also a dense special black in the beginning of the piece.  After the curve, I then shifted to a reddish tone in the black which fades into the dark copper tones and into the bright fiery reds.  Then the reds graduate into some apricots, topaz and brilliant golds as it ends.


This place in the house could not have been better for this piece.  There are multiple viewpoints of this piece where the piece looks very different.  It’s really extraordinary the view from the entryway and how it changes the view from the bar area.


Also, a surprise once we hung the piece, was the reflection of the piece on the table.  This really adds another view of the piece!


After we created “Passion Fire”, the Sherman family added other pieces of glass around their house.


I custom made the two vases in the entryway and Mrs. Sherman found and fell in love with the dish on the dining room table during one visit to the studio.


Currently, we are in the process of making a chandelier for their entryway that I’m really excited about!


The design we came up with is unlike any I have made before.  We have done a lot of R&D (research and design) and are finalizing the details.  We hope to be finished by Thanksgiving!

Such a beautiful home to work with and an amazing family as well, these factors always make the creation of the piece a complete joy.