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Sherman Chandelier

This two-tiered and gold-leaf glass chandelier illuminates the room with a golden aurora. The crystal drops transform the light down through the glass as the gold leaf reflects the light to give the piece an internal sparkle. Specially designed for the space, all of the metal was custom built to hold the lamps, crystal drops, and polished cast glass.

“With the lights on, you can see the specks of gold through the length of the glass rods. It is a phenomenal, stunning piece.”- Mrs. Sherman

Sherman_0444 content

The Sherman family desired a chandelier different from anything they had seen. As soon as they moved into their new house, they were looking for a chandelier in their entry space. They kept seeing the same designs and really desired something unique. When I finished the weaving for their dining room and we started discussing a custom chandelier with their designer Richard Gordon.

Sherman_0438a. contentLooking at the curves of the space and arches of the stairs, we decided to go with an oval shape. In mocking up the oval shape with some tubes to represent what the glass would look like, we decided to split the oval into two different tiers.

IMG_4706 Then working with the design, I added cast glass pieces in the canopy that would be lit from the side to provide a slight glow. I was really excited to add in the cast glass, although a lot of work, I feel this feature really sets it apart from other chandeliers I have seen. CRD team is lucky to have Clayton Spaulding who was professionally trained as a caster and cold-worker who was able to create the glass pieces for the top.

Sherman_0444 contentaa

Each piece of glass is hand colored to fade from bronze at the top to clear down at the tip.

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When the piece is not illuminated, the piece is a steel- bronze color. The look of this piece is sophisticated and clean. Each of the pieces were placed in the aluminum custom canisters, one by one.

Sherman_0174.content1This might be one of my favorite views.


And then illuminated, the whole piece changes energy. I really love how different this piece looks so different from walking in the entry way, looking up at it from the living room, or viewing it on the staircase.

Sherman_0467 content

The view from the stairs allows you to really see the separate halves.

Sherman_0438 content

This was a really fun piece to explore the engineering and overall design with Richard Gordon the designer. The lighting and electrical on this piece has set a new standard for designs going forward. This piece expanded my knowledge on many spectrums. Being the first of this type, it will remain one of my favorites.

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