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Salanty Residence

This piece is based on discussions about Ayurveda and using the energy of art to transform spaces.

This weaving is special to me. I made if from inspirational photos given to me by my teacher Kathleen Lohr at the Dallas Yoga Center. She guides me on the knowledge behind Ayurveda or “The Science of Living.” Essentially we were speaking about my passion to use art to enhance energy and the mood of places, this I feel is my contribution to the world.


And she began telling me about how some stare into a flame, which she added I do all the time, which uplifts one’s self and provides “Tejas” through the bright colors of the flame. Tejas is the essence of fire and brings about the feeling of warmth, courage, compassion, and insight.


However, as with many things, too bright a color palette can over stimulate. Next to the colors of a candle flame, blue can balance out the brightness. Thus striving for the perfect color palette which will keep us clear and focused in our perception and surroundings while providing balance. I liked this idea and it makes sense to me!


She sent me these images which I used as inspiration for my piece.


I had this on the wall in the gallery, as I made it for me and with my new knowledge as inspiration. The Salanty family found it and loved it. We decided to add the two longer pieces on either side.


I invited their family to come to the studio to pull out pieces of the glass and be apart of the process.   They jumped at the opportunity.


Everyone pulled a strand of glass and were able to keep small pieces of it. The girl’s glass was actually made into necklaces! These glass pieces were cut and polished with their choice of chain: silver.


Also, they will be moving from their home now, into another place at some point in their life which works out fine as the pieces are easily transferable. They can hang vertically or horizontally, and can easily be arranged differently or be separated into different rooms. They are flexible and balanced!


For now, I love how this piece rhythms the buildings and surroundings.