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Cohen Residence

The "Opal Metallic" weaving for the Cohen House combines modern chic with traditional accents. The opal and clear glass allow the texture and color of the natural stones to come through and play with the copper, brass, and stainless metals.


“Opal Metallic” combines metals and different shades of white into an almost pearl like weaving. The metals are brushed to have a linear feeling like the glass and also to reflect the light in striations. The metal and the copper wire have a protective coating applied so it keeps its luster and doesn’t tarnish.


This is the first large wall weaving that I have incorporated the metal into. The Cohen’s saw the mixed metal on a free-standing piece and fell in love with the look.  I used that as my influence for the piece.



In working with “Albatross” as the inspiration, the first design decision was how much metal to add to mix with the white, opal and clear glass. We also looked at different finishes of the metal and they preferred the polished look.

cohen slider sample

The Cohens enjoyed being apart of the process and came to look at the progress during the making of the piece.


What is interesting in working with site-specific pieces is how they change in the different environments. The Cohens first saw the weaving hanging on my white wall.  I placed some brown paper behind it and said, ‘just wait, it will look very different on your stone!’

Carlos installing

This piece was custom fabricated to both fit the mantle and also mount into the mortar. Therefore, when the Cohen family moves, they will just patch up the mortar hole, leaving the rocks untouched.


The mix of the metal creates an energy with the glass which is very alluring, sophisticated and modern.

I love this piece on the natural stone. The metals blend in, accenting the piece with brilliant reflections while the white now pops out of the stone in an organic, free-flowing way. I am very happy with the final product.