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Rambler Park Building

Rambler Road was a fun project in working with very open, philanthropic, and art-minded people. A portion of this project went towards my ‘kickstarter’ fundraiser for my studio and community work.


The client and designer, Marilyn Franklin, liked the idea of my weavings and thought about hanging them on the wall. Due to codes and traffic, I suggested suspending them and then making the wall white to use it as a canvas for the ‘larger’ piece.

This is what was there before and our starting point.


I came up with a drawing of two interlocking weavings:


I took color inspiration from a painting that was next to where I would be hanging the weavings. However, the client wanted to stay in the green/ blue/ purple tones; which of course I love, and we changed up the color palette from the original drawing.


In my studio, I had hanging one of the “Park Creek” weavings which demonstrated how light will go through the piece and create colored shadows on the wall. We pulled out each individual strand of glass.  I started each by coloring each of the different colors according to the gradation I had in mind.  The Carlyn Ray Designs’ glass team then took the colored glass, gathered on it and stretched it out.


After the pieces are finished, at the studio we pre-hang them and have a template as to exactly where the different wires go.


We place the template on the ceiling and know exactly where the wires go through the sheetrock and then are attached to the joists in the ceiling.


It takes a team. A good team!