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Park Creek Place

“Park Creek Place” was a very exciting project that evolved with the lobby redesign of a commercial building. I began working with the client originally on some weavings for the wall, but with new techniques in pulling glass, the wall pieces became a network of fluid glass weavings.

I actually had created two of what was planned out of the five and when looking at them as a whole, I wanted to change some specific features. Reason being, I had actually found a new technique to pulling the glass and was using a different type of color that I liked the look of better. So I cut up the original weavings and went back to the drawing board.


When I was about to begin again, the client had hired architect Andre Staffelbach and company to redesign the lobby area and wanted to pull me in to design with him. At our first design meeting, I mentioned my desire to make a chandelier or hanging structure instead of the wall pieces. I had not done a suspended weaving yet but really was attracted to the idea.


Andre was interested in this pursuit and gave me full freedom to design what I wanted to for the lobby space and then upon its completion, they would build the lobby design around my pieces!

I had come up with the idea of using the back wall as a canvas with the lights going through with Staffelbach and they also liked this design feature. The next step was then to fabricate the stainless metal.


I bent the metal and marked where the balancing points were on a gig I put together.


These were the first four frames. I left the fifth one undone, after seeing the first four completed, I knew I would engineer the fifth one to work with the dynamics and movement in keeping the design open or closing it off.

I then took these pieces to the site to make sure I liked the arrangement that I had back at my studio. Sometimes I catch different angles, or key viewpoints when I’m in the space, and when possible, I like to go into the space with the renderings.


Their firm actually came to the studio for their holiday party and many of them took a lesson in glass blowing. I talked to several of the team members within Staffelbach about the different pieces I had made and were in the process of making. It was fun to show them the process and be involved with so many great people.

My great carpentry skills are in full effect here! The wood holds the frame into place while I weave the glass onto it.


As I began creating the pieces, we started hanging them up in the studio. After they were all hung, then I worked with the exact placement. I look at the space between each of them, the continuing movement between one frame and another, and also the varying heights.


Once it is in the position that I liked, we created a template that we then used for the structural support that is placed above the building lobby. We prehung the wires in place and the contractors then placed the sheetrock around each individual wire. Once the remodeling was finished, we came in to install each piece.