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Oak Restaurant

When I create a piece, I always imagine it first with a specific intention. For the "White on White" piece at Oak, I had a very specific and exciting intention. I sought to create a piece which would embody purity, connection, and energy.

I was attracted to working with Richard and Tiffanee Ellman’s restaurant Oak because of their specific intention, not only in the environment and experience while dining, but in the energy given by the food.


The presentation is elegant and simple, ingredients are pure and not overbearing, and most importantly the food chosen is fresh and natural.


I approach my art the same way Oak approaches their dining experience. The ultimate experience comes from the personal connection with the piece, purity within the design, and energy radiating from the creation of the art.


“White on White” was created with white, opal and clear glass threads. Clear glass is representing purity. Opal glass to me is like that of a pearl, etheric. The white glass, like white light; pure, direct, and radiating. The piece is arranged vertically, woven together, in a shape resembling a ladder, a bridge, and twisting like a vortex.


Thus, with these colors, design, and intention, from this piece evolves a cycle, transcendence. Besides water, glass is the only material that radiates, reflects, and holds the light. I sought to create a piece that holds the life and light of molten glass and emits the love which is involved in the creation process. I am spiritually connected to this piece, this is one of my favorite pieces, and I offered it to Oak as part of the restaurant collection.


Oak’s specialty item is their Macaroon. They actually hired their pastry chef Lucia specifically because of her talent in making these delicious morsels! When they asked me to make these macaroon dishes for the restaurant, so these delicacies could have a plate as artistic as they taste, I was flattered and required a few macaroons for inspiration!


Pure magic and imagination…