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Nobu Restaurant

When premium edibles are displayed in a special dish, the food becomes the art piece which it is created to be. Thus, dining becomes more than sharing a meal, it becomes a visceral experience.


I love that they use lights underneath the ice which both light up the dish as well as the glass.


I work closely with Eguichi San to understand the different functionality of the dishes. The curved lip works nicely with some dishes and looks elegant.  However, to get be able to use chopsticks, the flat edges are essential to be able to pick up pieces of nigiri and sushi.


Often I will sit at the sushi bar and watch how the chefs prepare the different dishes. They give me feedback about what colors work best with specific dishes, what shapes they like and what they think would work better for different presentations. This is very valuable information for me and I’m very honored they take such pride and excitement in working with my dishes!


So together we design for function, elegance, and energy.  Nobu Dallas serves award-winning sushi, offering very unique dishes and through an epic experience!