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Tyson Residence

“River glass” is composed of ribbons and colored bubbles which span up the walls of the stairwell and onto the ceiling. The piece from the beginning was to feel alive, moving, unique, and colorful.

“River glass” was created over a span of time allowing me to fine tune the hardware, shape, and the overall feeling of the piece. From the design stage to a finished product on the wall, there are several prototypes, pieces, hardware changes, and shape modifications which take place. I started the process by making a personal visit to the client’s residence to examine the area.


I came up with several different designs and he chose this specific design for me to use as the main theme of the piece with some colored bubbles.


I worked a lot from the colors of a few pieces of art by an artist named Agam and as well as from the beautiful carpet that the client is having made for the runner in the stairway. Also one of the main views is from the hot tub outside and also from the kitchen.   Knowing the focal viewpoints allows me to have main areas to focus on, making sure they are interesting and dynamic.


After visiting the space, we take measurements so that I can create accurate and to-scale drawings back at the studio.


The next step was to actually cover the Tyson walls with white paper and draw out the final shape of the piece. This we brought back to the studio and thus were able to have the exact piece to start mocking up. The mock-up allowed us to see the colors, movement, and also fine-tune the hardware.


The client would often come to the studio and guide the additions of color and accents based off of what he is attracted to and likes.

The mock-up is directly transferred back onto the Tyson wall and more pieces are added to complete the installation.


I really love the massing of the solid ribbon glass and the cast reflections on the wall. The river stones really create depth and an organic feel as the colors graduate up the wall with the movement of the piece.


It’s beautiful how the hanging glass from the ceiling connects the two together, yet creates a completely different feeling upstairs. The pieces fly and move slightly with a little breeze.


I was very happy to have had such a patient and amazing client to work with me on this project.

I really love the way the pieces move like fish or birds across the wall.  The design is very versatile can custom fit to any wall, incorporate various colors, and portray organic shapes.  I feel this piece will be the start of something!