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Simpson Residence

This piece was designed specifically for the horizontal area above the fireplace in the Simpson residence. We worked with Scott Berry Designs in Dallas when connecting this undulating flowing wave of pulled glass cane that graduates from a deep violet to rich golden amber that's nearly four feet in length.

The Simpson family commissioned Carlyn Ray Designs to craft a weaving for the area above their fireplace. This brightly colored weaving was going to be the focal piece of the room and we wanted to create a form with an undulating movement that would engage the space.


CRD presented some design options to the client, and we decided to create a dramatic glass wave that rolls above the fireplace like a glistening banner.


The clients choose vibrant colors graduating from golden ambers and gem-like greens to a lush transition of crystalline blues and violets.



The completed weave is almost four feet in length and the client loves how it brings a lively energy to the entire room.