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Hallmark Residence

The Hallmark residence is adorned with two unique custom pieces, the "Weaving River" and the "Turquoise Wall Blossom", both created specifically for these spaces. "Weaving River" grew organically over time and incorporates a variety of stylistic elements. "Wall Blossom" was a piece that was purchased to initially fund the CRD Studio.

The “Weaving River”  and the “Turquoise Wall Blossom” are two pieces which I custom made for the wonderful home of Mrs. Hallmark.

CRD, Carlyn Ray Designs, Holland Residence

“Weaving River” flows boldly across the wall above the fireplace in the covered patio.

CRD, Carlyn Ray Designs, Holland Residence

This piece is a grouping of glass elements which originally started as a small installation and then grew into the size it is today as we continued to add more features. It is quite a unique piece and incorporates a lot of different variations of my work.

CRD, Carlyn Ray Designs, Holland Residence

This is an outdoor piece on the covered patio area and gives the wall and space a very creative and radiant feel carrying on the theme of running water. There is a constant sound of the fountain as well which is in the adjoining yard.

CRD, Carlyn Ray Designs, Holland Residence

We tied the room together by adding this bowl that was created in the same color spectrum as the larger elements on the wall.


The “Wall Blossom” is a piece Mrs. Hallmark purchased which contributed to my initial fundraiser that helped me start Carlyn Ray Designs studio. I’m pleased to have this piece hang above her central fireplace.

CRD, Carlyn Ray Designs, Holland Residence

I brought over several glass pieces in different shapes, colors, and sizes which we picked, choose and grouped together. It has a very organic feel and masses together teal, turquoise, and navy colors into a bouquet of energetic shapes.


These were amazing pieces to work on with Mrs. Hallmark who is a very special lady and now a good friend as well.