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Douglas at The Ritz Carlton Residences

Carlyn Ray Designs was visited by a family who was looking for a lively energetic piece for their home at the Ritz Carlton Residences. The final stunning piece hangs above their headboard in the master bedroom.

The Douglas family came to the studio and fell in love with the idea of a long weaving going over their bed.  As they live at the Ritz Carlton Residences, this weaving over the bed is to be the only art in the room as the other windows on the adjoining walls look over the city of Dallas.

GregoryRitz-01 (1)

The idea of the piece was to span across the back wall, inviting movement, color, and life into the space.


The first step was to get measurements of the exact space, understanding how wide and long the weaving would be for me to come up with a few different sketches.  I really liked the idea of two weavings interlocking together.  We found we had to hang this weaving because the wall had fabric, so we had to understand the ceiling structure for this weaving.


Upon approval from one of my drawings, I then make a mock-up of the space and created the two shapes out of wire and paper to get the measurements correct, proportions, and also have the Douglas over to make sure we were all on the same path!  They loved it and so I began to bend up the metal frames.


After I bent the different pieces, John Christian welded the metal together and we hung it in space to record the spaces we would attach the wires.  From this, we then had to attach the wires through the drop ceiling and into the cement.


The piece really has a different look from all angles as you can see the one weaving going through the second one.


Stainless steel wire spans across the jewel and water tones of the two pieces.

The piece slightly curves down and angles towards the light of the window.  The first viewing from the piece is at the entryway of the room and one can only see the profile of the piece and the background of the window.


This piece is dynamic, fills the room with color and movement and faces the architectural buildings of the Dallas Downtown.


For the entryway of their home, the Doulas family had a white sideboard table, perfect for a black onyx butterfly bowl.


The black bowl is a beautiful, sophisticated accent and the wavy edge compliments the picture perfectly!

It was a pleasure working with such amazing clients as the Douglas family and the influences from the surrounding art, pictures, and Dallas skyline were exhilarating.