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Staircases are a really unique place to put art and a perfect place to customize a weaving.

Diep and family had a vision of a weaving on their wall above the stairs so Carlyn came over and presented a series of different designs. After some thinking, Diep decided on the Crescendo design that Carlyn was really excited to make.  Carlyn created the template and choose a color palette to match the accents and décor of the house.

The piece itself is 5.5′ long and 6′ tall at its largest point. 


Diep told Carlyn “I look forward to coming home and admiring our new piece every day!  Brings me such joy and I love being able to adjust the light depending on the time of day and my mood!”


The piece really changes from having the light off.

To a low light.

And when the power of the LEDs is all the way up, it is really bright.