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DeMesey "Birch Weave"

The "Birch Weave' is a table piece I made for the DeMesey family based on a similar piece I had made previously. We took this opportunity to invite the Demesey's into the studio so the girls could help pull the glass cane for the final piece. Not only did the DeMesey's help create a beautiful piece of art, but they also created some wonderful family memories.

Mrs. DeMesey came to me desiring a unique dining room table piece. She visited the studio and found the perfect available piece, but it had the wrong colors for her room.  So we used that piece as a model to make her white one!


Once I had bent the metal frame to replicate the original piece, we were ready for the fun part! The DeMesey girls came to the studio and pulled out some of the glass for the piece themselves!



We choose the various white shades of opal, alabaster, and enamel white.  Then my Glass Team walked them through a step by step process of how to pull it back and cut the glass into the right sizes.IMG_4901



It was great fun!

After they pulled out the opal and white glass, I incorporated their pieces into the weaving! They were both really enjoyable to work with, very interested in the process.  It is so much fun to involve others when we see they are as enthralled with the process as we are!


It is a joy to share both the process and the product. This event made this piece extra special.



Mrs. DeMesey also desired a white bowl for their kitchen table.  We made a clear, opal and white butterfly bowl for her.  It looks beautiful on the silver-topped table!