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Letz Residence

The custom 'fusion light panels' were created specifically for this project. I was first approached by the Letz family designer Carrie Manaci as she described desiring to create glass wall panels that had a watery textural feel which brought the outside pool and energy into the room. I loved the idea from the beginning and developed these lit glass energy panels!

TS1_6444-copy-contentThis project gave me such inspiration and pushed me to new levels as we custom created these glowing illuminated glass “fusion” panels, designed a butterfly bowl and a created white weaving for this wonderful family’s home.  Each panel is 50″ tall by 18″ wide.

I am honored to have pieces in the spectacular home of the Letz family in Westlake, Texas.

Letz Residence

For the fusion panels, we worked over a year to develop the specific pieces which we created with their designer Carrie Manaci.  The concept was to have molten ‘fused’ glass pieces coming out of five panels in the wall.  From the beginning, I said I wanted to figure out a way to illuminate these panels as well. 

IMG_5404 copy

We choose a variety of different colors which brought color in from the outside pools and landscaping. Making them on a small scale was the first hump, then creating them 50″ tall was the next challenge.


The fusion panels themselves are pieces of ‘ribbon’ flat glass, the same glass I use in the weavings.  They are flat pieces which are all individually stacked on a bed of colored glass.  The accent pieces we choose for these panels are green, blue, gold and silver leafed rounded glass pieces. 


I love how the light plays in each of the glass panels.  When the lights are off, the panels blend with the room and create a sculpture-like topography on the wall.  The look is very soothing.


I love the details and movement that you see when the lights are off as well.


When the lights are on full, the panels create such a vibrant energy through the room!


When the led lights are turned on, the glass creates a glow and energy in the room.  All the lights are on a dimmer and are able to be controlled to accommodate the time of day and ambiance in the house.  When the lights are on a mid glow state, the panels have an internal glow to them, which I love.


In the kitchen rests a butterfly bowl.  This brings in color to the kitchen which relates to the fusion panels.  It is strategically placed in the middle away from the many small hands which reach up onto the counter’s edge. 


The first piece I created for the Letz house was one for the master bedroom.  This white weaving is clean and delicate to match the rest of the decor of the room. 


Mrs. Letz is in the medical field and works with the spine and also was pregnant at the time. This was a large influence in bending the shape of the piece.  I desired the piece to have both a feminine feel and the gesture of a torso.


It was a joy to create these pieces for the Letz family and to know the beautiful family which has inspired me to create such an exciting new body of work.