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Morris/ Angeles Residence

"I am without words to even describe how beautiful your work is in our kitchen. Truly the highlight of the house now." - Ken Morris

I love the colors, feeling, and movement in this chandelier which is in the kitchen of the Morris/ Angeles residence.


The colors transition from a turquoise and teal blue and white on the outside with a cobalt and white on the inside.  The white is towards the top and blends in with the painted metal fixture.


Each of the glass pieces has a slight curve to it so that there is a feeling of movement.  The light can travel through the glass at full blast, or can be turned down to a dim light. 


The light through the glass leaves a beautiful reflection on the marble countertops and glows as it drips from the ceiling.



Several different vases accent different areas of the house amidst the beautiful art collection. The white dining room piece is arranged with their unique candle holders. 



In the powder room, the blended blue vase adds color to the small room.


And one of my favorites, this beautiful red vase is in the bar area alongside a beautiful painting by Angeles himself.